• “WOD” is short for workout of the day. Here at CrossFit Dexter we have a well rounded strength and conditioning program suited for all fitness levels.  Anyone can do CrossFit!  Our group classes are led by certified coaches who teach and motivate you through the entire workout.  The community energy generated throughout our 1 hour WOD classes is like no other workout experience!  Let us walk you through a WOD at CrossFit Dexter: 

    Group Warm-up:  Lead by the coach, this gets the body ready for the work you will be doing that day. Our bodies need to warm-up and move prior to getting right in to the workout, especially if you sit all day.  This is a fun and energizing way to start the class.

    Stretching, Movement Prep, Stability, Mobility: This is where you will learn how to stretch all areas of your body. You will use foam rollers, rubber bands, and a few other devices that will help you prepare for movement.  By performing these movements on a daily basis, your body will recover quicker and become more limber, which can lead to a longer, healthier life.  

    Strength or Skill Work: This is where the magic happens! It is your time to get stronger and practice some of the more technical skills that we do at CrossFit Dexter. We will focus on weightlifting, bodyweight weight movements and many other aspects of CrossFit during this portion. 

    Metcon/ “WOD”: The actual “WOD” receives all the glamour in CrossFit. During this time you will perform a workout that can range anywhere from 3 to 50 minutes and will incorporate a combination of everything you learn while at CrossFit Dexter. We tie in cardio, weightlifting, plyometrics, throwing, jumping, pushing, and pulling — all into one workout.  We systematically design daily, weekly and monthly programs to give your body the best possible overall workout, while minimizing the risk for injury.  

    Extra Credit:  After each class we encourage everyone to stick around for 5-10 minutes and practice smaller skills/movements that will help round out your fitness. Often times we tend to overlook the simpler, less technical movements because we want to progress too quickly.  The extra credit practice is where you will see advancement in your fitness. It is imperative to balance and making you better.

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