• Our Story

    CrossFit Dexter was born out of a barn to help a small group of people in the Dexter Community get in the best shape of their lives. It did not take long for the word to get out that CrossFit Dexter was open and changing people’s lives. Not long after getting the word out, the barn became flooded with athletes calling themselves “The Barn Rats”. We needed more space to allow for the growth of CrossFit Dexter’s amazing community. We now operate in downtown Dexter, Mi and love providing the community with a great place to train with a great coaching staff.

    Our mission is to provide the community with a facility for a lifelong fitness journey that is forged by people that want to work out hard, have fun, and achieve results; in a safe, diverse, and family oriented environment. We love the community of Dexter and look forward to many years of forging elite fitness in the community.

    “CrossFit Dexter is Building a Fit Community”

  • Meet our Trainers


    Ken Hutchinson • Owner

    “In 2010 I was sick and tired of the same monotonous training that so many people are accustomed to such as 3 sets of 810 repetitions on everything and looking like a hamster on a treadmill that I was actively searching for something different. One day during my day to day job I was servicing the building where CrossFit Brighton was located and heard a whole lot of clanging and banging, people cheering, and loud music. I went in to see what was going on and was pumped up for the first time in a long time about training again. I started CrossFit a couple weeks later and haven’t turned back.

    I have played competitive sports almost my entire life and still play competitive soccer and basketball. I have been involved in the health and fitness industry since I was 16, which led me to becoming a Certified Personal Trainer. In 2008, I realized that I wanted to help change lives and four years later graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Education and Health Education. I am now a Certified Physical Education and Health teacher, which ties in so well with what CrossFit is.

    April 2016, I took advantage of opportunity and dream of mine to own CrossFit Dexter. I love this place, the people, the community, and want CrossFit Dexter to be a place where everyone of all ages and backgrounds can come train to become the best possible versions of themselves.”

    • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
    • CrossFit Mobility 
    • USAW Sports Performance Coach 
    • CrossFit Weightlifting Level 1
    • B.S. of Science in Physical Education and Health Education
    • Certified Physical Education and Health Teacher
    • CPR and First Aid Certified

    Keely Tamer

    Keely brings a background of coaching college, high school and developmental aged athletes to the CrossFit Dexter. A former Division 1 scholar athlete (field hockey) and former nationally ranked downhill ski racer, Keely brings her understanding of multiple sports and disciplines to the gym. The mother of three young athletes, she helps focus on development of skills to help our athletes achieve their goals inside and outside of our box.

    “I came to crossfit as an athlete first. Shortly after having Abby I realized that I needed to find a fitness regimen that fit my lifestyle as a busy mom. With three children 4 years old and younger at home, I no longer had the luxury of spending hours at a time in the gym or on the tennis court. I needed to maximize my time at the gym, find a program that didn’t become mundane or routine and get results FAST, crossFit’s high value program was the answer.

    As my life evolved, I took my interest in fitness, my background in coaching, my degrees in education and sports administration and became a certified CrossFit trainer. Since then, I have returned to coaching. In this role, I see the practical application of the training that we do at CrossFit Dexter everyday. It is a pleasure to work with great people, who are interested in doing their best while they are at the gym.”

    • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
    • CrossFit Kettlebell Certified Trainer
    • CrossFit Kids Certified Trainer
    • CrossFit Gymnastics Certified Trainer
    • University of Michigan Alumni
    • CrossFit Olympic Lifting Certified Trainer
    • Dexter Community Education Field Hockey Program Director
    • J.V. Head Coach – Dexter High School Field Hockey
    • USFHA Level 1 Coach
    • MA – Kent State University – Sports Administration
    • MA Ed. – University of Michigan – Social Studies Education

    Josh Fink

    Josh Fink obtained his Crossfit Level 1 Certification in December 2015 after three years of training at Dexter Crossfit. For Josh, Crossfit was love at first sweat. Josh was instantly drawn to the way Crossfit pushed him physically and mentally in a fun and communal way. Crossfit has helped Josh get into the best shape of his life and he loves helping and encouraging others to achieve their goals inside and out the gym. “I never thought that as I got older I would become more fit and be able to do things I never dreamed of doing like muscle-ups and handstand pushups, while also lifting more and more weight. Crossfit has been such a great experience for me.”

    • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

    Alex Stransky

    Alex spent most of his life playing and training for team sports. In college he played rugby for Grand Valley State University. After graduating, he continued play to play rugby, but ended up sustaining a knee injury in 2010 that required surgery.

    After recovering from surgery, he spent the next couple of years working out in different gyms, he decided to try something different, and signed up at a CrossFit box. He never looked back.

    “I always enjoyed working out at a gym, but going to CrossFit reminded me more of the teamwork mentality that I had grown up with, at the same time, it had that individual accountability that came with working out in a traditional gym. It was fast paced, it was challenging, most important it was fun.”

    Alex earned his CFL1 in 2015, and enjoys working with people reach their fitness goals.

    • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

    Jane Donovan

    Jane joined the CrossFit community as a member of CrossFit Brighton. There she proved to be a talented athlete who moved well and had a motor that wouldn’t stop. Her talents transferred naturally into coaching.

    Before becoming a CrossFit trainer, Jane worked as an artist, illustrating and writing children’s book. She also visited schools teaching drawing techniques to kids. Jane lives in Pinckney with her husband and two sons.

    “I have always enjoyed sports and the outdoors so I eventually took up trail running. Looking for ways to supplement my running I discovered CrossFit. CrossFit greatly improved my running performance within a short amount of time, helping me both mentally and physically. I was hooked!  Since starting crossFit I have completed 2 trail marathons, 3 Ultramarathons,and numerous shorter races. Now, I am really enjoying training adults and children at Crossfit Dexter.”

    • Level 1 Crossfit
    • Crossfit Endurance
    • Crossfit Olympic weightlifting
    • USAW certified
    • Certified spin instructor
    • 2nd place master division Lookout Mt. 50M
    • 2nd Place Female Division Mohican 25k
    • 1st Place Age Group Michigan Warrior Dash
  • Clasina Syrovy

    I started CrossFit after seeing the games televised in 2012. I was a competitive gymnast for 15 years at Twistars USA and after breaking my wrist and having surgery, CrossFit was the closest type of conditioning I have found to be like the conditioning I did as a gymnast. It took me almost 2 years to get serious about CrossFit. My strength training was at a decent level to start, but after doing a couple of my first Open wods in 2013, I decided it was time to evaluate training. Summer of 2013, with some help and guidance I dialed in my nutrition and training to lose weight and get stronger. It is still an ongoing process but I have found a love for CrossFit as I did for gymnastics. I am currently going to school at Eastern Michigan University for my bachelors, majoring in exercise science. I have my associates in exercise science from Washtenaw Community College. I will be graduating from EMU in the fall of 2017. I really love coaching and teaching people from all different backgrounds about movement. I enjoy studying the way people move and watching their individual mechanics. I also really enjoy working on mobility components for recovery and range of motion, which is such a vital component to CrossFit. Additionally, I hold a USAW level 1, weightlifting certificate and anticipate taking more courses once I am done with school.
    “Some days it’s just about moving, just get to the gym, you’ll feel better, I promise”

    • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
    • B.S. in Exercise Science
    • USA Weightlifting Level 1