What is the CrossFit Open and why should you do it…?

The CrossFit Open is worldwide fitness competition put on by CrossFit HQ. It consists of 5 workouts, 1 per week that are announced live on the CrossFit Games website starting February 22. You can see more information here https://games.crossfit.com/open. The workouts are announced as the year and the week, so if you have seen a workout that we do in the gym such as 11.5 or 13.1 that means you are doing CrossFit Open 2011 week 5 workout and CrossFit Open 2013 week 1 workout. At our box we get together on Thursday nights when CrossFit HQ does the announcement of the workout and then we watch the live announcement and the head to head competition between 2 or more of the most known CrossFitters in the world. It is a great time you get to witness some cool feats of strength. You can think of it as the Sweet 16 of the NCAA March Madness Tournament. During the 5 weeks, we post our scores on a website and you can see how you stack up against everyone who signed up for the Open. There are now scaled divisions so now it is even more fun for everyone. This is just a little briefing about the Open, you will learn and hear more about it for sure in the coming weeks and here is why you should sign up and do it.

Whether you are new or seasoned, the Open has a way of bringing out the best of where you are currently at with your fitness. Is it a competition?? Yes, but in a sense you get to know a lot about yourself during the 5 weeks. You will push harder than you ever thought possible, you will get the most cheers, the most high fives, and even some hugs. You will step up your game and will become better for it. The Open brings out the very best of what we have in us and even more. If you get 10 rounds on Cindy in a normal day of training which is 5 pull-ups, 10 push-ups, and 15 air squats for 20:00, in the Open you would get more just because of the environment alone. At CFD we do things as a team. We choose 4 captains and then the captains draft others for their team. The teams accrue points based on a number of things which you will learn more about as we get closer, but know this, last year was our biggest turnout for the Open, and our intramural league was amazing and fun. There was so many awesome things that happened last year and I only expect it to be better this year. It doesn’t matter when you started or how long you have been with us. All that matters is that you give it your best and have fun with it. So when the time comes, make sure to sign up and join us, because this year is going to be epic!

CrossFit Open Prep Classes:

One thing we know about the Open is that we will see a lot movements repeated. This year we are going to hold Open Prep classes at 6:30pm, Tuesday nights, starting January 16th.

What are Open Prep classes and why do them?

  • Open Prep classes are classes designed to help with movements that we commonly see and to help refine our skills.
  • It is class time dedicated to just one maybe two skills that we commonly see in the open.
  • We will spend time that you don’t normally get in classes to get better and practice.
  • Class WODs are not usually the place or time to get better at the skills. It is the warm-ups, the strength or skill development time, and then extra work that helps you get better at movements like pull-ups, double-unders, olympic lifts, and higher skilled gymnastic movements.
  • You will get the skills and drills needed to succeed and then from there have a plan of attack for the open.
  • We will practice a movement you commonly see, and then we will do previous year Open workouts so you can see exactly how the Open works.
  • The Open Prep course will focus on movements and strategies like the ones below:
    • Double Unders
    • Pull-ups/Muscle-ups/Toes to Bar
    • Rowing
    • Handstand Push-ups
    • Barbell Cycling
    • Pacing

This will give you a chance to see exactly where you are at and to put in work without a clock. It is designed purely to get better and to put some dedicated practice to all the tougher movements of the Open.

Until Next Time,

Coach Hutch