Hi Friends!

We are nearing the end of our Wired to Eat, 30-DAY RESET.  We’ve been so busy cooking that we haven’t been consistent with blog posts, so please forgive us!  We will briefly go over what we’ve experienced over the past couple of weeks:

  • making the time to cook and plan meals is 99% of the battle
  • keeping the meals simple has helped us tremendously
  • our favorite “treat” has become apples with cinnamon and almond butter
  • I made two paleo sweet treats (so I guess we technically “cheated”, but hey, we are human!)  Here’s what we madehttps://www.facebook.com/JustEatingRealFood/videos/2049633535263927/ and https://www.facebook.com/JustEatingRealFood/videos/1309573405785527/ — and let me tell you they were OUTSTANDING!  They are still in the freezer, so our self control has been pretty on point!
  • we have stuck to the reset and have not consumed any grains or dairy, so it will be interesting when we re-introduce them during our 7-day carb test.
  • we’ve noticed a consistent feeling of sustained energy levels throughout the day, good sleep and some really great skin!  Our bellies feel less bloated and less “full”– if that makes sense.
  • Coach Hutch has visibly lost weight and has two abs he can see now, so he’s pretty pumped!  I have not lost any weight, but that wasn’t my goal.  My goal was to learn how to omit sugar out of my diet– SO much of it is just having the self control and not giving in.  Giving in and giving up is easy — staying the course is a challenge, but the overcoming the challenge is so much more rewarding than giving up!
  • we eat A LOT of veggies: baked broccoli & cauliflower w/ coconut oil and seasoning | grilled peppers, onions & mushrooms 

••• Next week we start our 7-day carb test, so look for updates on what we discover throughout this next step.  We will be consuming carbs (a specific portion from the Wired to Eat book) first thing in the morning.  We set a timer for two hours, then prick our finger to test our blood sugar levels.  So stay tuned….