30-DAY RESET: Day #9

Hi Friends!

Soooo, let’s start with the good stuff.  We are on Day #9 of our Wired to Eat, 30-DAY RESET.  Coach Hutch has had several people ask him if he’s lost weight and I can tell he has.  Part of this gig is to weigh yourself the first day and then toss the scale — better yet, Robb Wolf says to give the scale to someone else and let the number on it mess with their head instead of yours!  Makes sense actually.  So, Hutch has really just taken this bull by the horns and is quite determined to stay the course.

Me on the other hand, yikes.  I’m sick.  Again.  Third time in about three months.  I don’t take medicine and I rarely go to the doctor — because I’m hardly ever sick!  Until this year.  I feel awful and went to the doctor yesterday and was quite surprised with what she told me:  “most likely you have Adrenal Fatigue“.  My blood pressure was 82/42. I was dehydrated and my sodium was super low.  Her prescription?  Go on vacation.  Rest. Do nothing and reset.

A light bulb went off.  You can’t keep burning the candle at both ends and think you won’t burn out.  I consistently tell people to practice “self-care”, to slow down, to relax.  But I haven’t been doing it myself.  My body is telling me to rest.  This 30-DAY RESET is divine timing.  It is teaching us the following:

  • take time to cook all of your food
  • sit down and actually taste the goodness you prepared
  • pay attention to how certain foods “taste”
  • food doesn’t fix emotions or stressful days
  • consuming healthy fats makes food taste dang good and keeps you feeling full
  • after YEARS of eating the typical american diet, your body will go through different symptoms, some are even flu-like, headaches, maybe body aches…just trust the process, know the feeling will pass
  • listen to your body, if you are tired…please rest

I cooked Creamy Chicken with Vegetables this week.  It wasn’t very creamy, but had delicious flavor!  I used red pepper and mushrooms for the veggies.  Served it with cauliflower rice.  A note about cauliflower rice – buy it pre-made at Costco or Trader Joe’s, it comes frozen.  Unless you have extra hours in the day to make it yourself, I know I don’t!!  Oh I also took a bag of brussel sprouts, tossed them in the vitamix to make a shredded salad — topped it with the Asian Slaw dressing….mmmmm, good stuff!

Prescription from the doc!

Creamy Chicken w/ Veggies Recipe