30-DAY RESET: Day #7

Hi All!

It is Monday morning and we are on day #7 of  our Wired to Eat, 30-DAY RESET!  Let’s recap the past few days:

Day #4 — the struggle was real!  Ugh.  For me, this was by far the most difficult day.  I was so tired and out of it the entire day.  I ate A LOT, but I didn’t break any rules!  However, I was able to notice that my tired feeling was annoying me and I think that’s why I felt the urge to eat….it was a mindful connection I made.  I pushed through, went to bed at 9pm and slept for a solid 8 hours and woke up feeling great.

Other things we’ve noticed during our reset (bare with me here, this isn’t the most glamorous part!) 

  • Due to the increased amount of healthy fat we are adding to our diet, we’ve learned that too much too fast can cause a quick, unexpected trip to the bathroom!  As the days progress, our bellies seem to be adjusting and things are moving at a “regular” pace — if you know what I mean 🙂
  • Since our meals are balanced with protein, low effective carbs and fat, we stay FULL!!  I’m talking up to 5 hours full between meals!  
  • Coach Hutch LOVES ice cream and I am a sugar addict, I’ll admit it.  We are allowed 85% dark chocolate for a sweet treat if we want it.  Normally this does nothing for me.  I had a small piece the other day and it actually did the trick!  Hutch had some too, but wasn’t nearly as impressed as I was…we’ll have to see if that changes as we continue our reset.
  • Meal prepping has been key for us.  Robb Wolf creates the easiest meal plans to follow and this has been a life saver.  QUICK & EASY — and the food tastes amazing!
  • Sleep….ahhhhh sleep.  Did you know we purchased a REM-Fit bed?  It arrived in a box and I was super skeptical.  This thing is a dream come true.  We wake up at 5am everyday.  Now that we’ve cut sugar and crap food out of our diet, combined with a consistent sleep schedule ANNNND a new matress — LIFE IS GOOD, for example — sleep feels a little something like this….lay down, head hits the pillow, think about what we’re grateful for, BAM…out like a light.  Alarm goes off and I’m pretty sure I’m still in the same sleeping position I fell asleep in!


  • This past Saturday we had 7 teams from CrossFit Dexter compete in the Rookie Rumble.  Sooo much fun!!  Our preparation for the competition was pretty good.  Hutch is recovering from a back injury but has been consistently getting workouts in while coaching 20+ hours a week and I’ve been working out 3-4 days a week and practicing yoga on the days I don’t do CrossFit…..how was the comp and how was the recovery you ask?????
  • We both felt good during the competition – for breakfast we cooked eggs, a pile of veggies and we split a sweet potato (sauteed in coconut oil w/ cumin, salt and pepper).  Oh and coffee…can’t forget the coffee.
  • Snacks during the competition were – apples w/ almond butter, tuna with celery, homemade trial mix: cashews, almonds, walnuts and unsweetened coconut flakes.  Hutch had a Quest protein bar (which we typically love) but he said it tasted too sweet — SAY WHAT??  TOO SWEET?!  How does that happen?
  • RECOVERY & Days #5 & #6: My body felt like dead weight when we got home.  I devoured left over shrimp stir fry with cauliflower rice + a veggie salad.  Hutch had left over Asian Slaw, with a grass fed beef burger and a fried egg.  Surprisingly our muscle soreness wasn’t as bad as we expected it to be when we woke up Sunday morning.  PTL for that.  So maybe this new way of eating actually works!!  Hmmmmm…..ya think?!
  • Sunday – Day #6: consisted of grocery shopping, meal prepping and eating:  we made gauc stuffed burgers (check out our FB video https://www.facebook.com/crossfitdexter/?ref=nf ) — I made a chicken salad with left over grilled chicken breasts: mixed with avocado mayo https://www.amazon.com/Chosen-Foods-Avocado-Mayo-Ounce/dp/B01AYYF1NC?th=1, celery and red onion.  Hutch cooked 5 pounds of pork in the Instant Pot, seasoned with sea salt, garlic powder and crushed juniper berries.  SO GOOD!

Coconut Lime Cauliflower Rice & Shrimp Stir Fry

Coconut LaCroix w/ fresh lime