30-DAY RESET: How Are We Doing?

Hi All!

Just a quick update on our Wired to Eat, 30-DAY RESET.  For 30 days we are eating like this:

  • 3 meals a day
  • 4-6 oz of protein with each meal
  • 75-150 g of carbs per day from fruits, veggies and roots
  • Added fat for flavor (coconut oil, avocados, evoo, MCT oil, ghee, grass-fed butter, etc). Don’t be afraid of fat, but don’t drink it through a straw either.

If we are eating the appropriate ratio of the above at each meal, we shouldn’t feel as though we NEED to snack throughout the day.  This has proven to be true so far.  If we snack, we can have 1-2 oz of nuts, GF beef jerky or an apple.  But we are asked to pay attention to why  we are hungry – perhaps we didn’t get enough protein in all 3 meals, maybe we didn’t add enough fat, or are we just bored and we need to quit bad habits?

What I have learned already in 2 short days is this:

  • 4-6 oz of protein is A LOT of protein for me.  When I take the time to actually weigh it out, I realized I haven’t been eating enough protein at each meal.
  • I’m a grazer…I eat ALL day, small meals, unhealthy snacks, etc.  So this 3 meals a day could be challenging.  But what I have noticed is that I truly am not hungry for a snack.  I’m also paying more attention to the physical feeling of actually being hungry — not bored, stressed or just wanting jelly beans because they are everywhere right now!
  • I’ll admit — I still have trouble with “fat”.  I grew up in the era of low-fat and fat-free.  I know that stuff is garbage, but the idea of cooking with 1 TBS of ghee vs. 1 tsp of ghee, is still something I am learning to be ok with.  But it really does keep you full and it adds TONS of flavor to all of our food!

This is just a quick run down of what we are trying!  Wired to Eat is a fantastic book with loads of beneficial information.  Robb Wolf includes grocery lists, meal plans, and makes everything VERY simple.  We made the Asian Slaw recipe last night and it was AMAZING!  Topped it with some shredded chicken we made in the Instant Pot over the weekend!  Check back in to see how we are doing on our 30-DAY RESET!!