2017 CrossFit Open Recap from Coach Hutch

The 2017 CrossFit Open was an exciting time at CrossFit Dexter. Not only was it our largest turn out ever for participation it was by far the most fun Open I have ever been apart of since my first one in 2011. This one will always hold a special place in my heart because of the community at CFD turning the Open and the rest of Southeast Michigan upside down with all the effort and fun you all put into it. Here is my recap and thoughts from the CrossFit Open. I hope you enjoy the read.

17.1- First ever Open workout with dumbbells. This workout, although not technically difficult really tested some mental fortitude and made people get out of their comfort zone. Everyone put all they had into this workout and for so many this was their first Open workout ever. Congrats to all of you who stepped off that comfortable cliff and dove into the scary, uncomfortable, and unknowable waters of the Open. I know it was hard, grueling, and hectic, but I also know that you all pushed harder than you ever have before, lifted more than you ever thought you would and just laid it all out there. That is what 17.1 was about, just grinding through and pushing the limits of capacity. All of you “embraced the suck.”

17.2 – The more dumbbells the merrier, at least I think that is what Dave Castro and the CrossFit Games staff was thinking. This workout was awesome to watch. Those 50 and 35 pound bells of joy were being tossed around like nothing and not to mention some there were a some firsts for many. There were some new faces to get their first toes to bar, some to get their first muscle up, and some to get their first pull-up. Again, the Open did not fail to get us out of our comfort zone and push beyond what we thought were our limits.

17.3 – This one was a doozy.. the snatch is a difficult move and to hit the weights that some of us did under fatigue and with good form is something to be damn proud of. This was also the workout that I’d say frustrated a lot of us. The Open is meant to do this.. make us see our potential and see what we can do, but it also is meant to make us see where we may need to work on areas. Since this workout I have seen a lot more people taking a few extra minutes to work on their pull-ups, there has been a few more snatch sessions and many are already setting their sites on next year. 17.3 kinda just sucked for some and didn’t for others and that is just how it goes sometimes.

17.4 – That god awful back breaking repeat of 16.4, looked just as miserable as it did last year except this year, more people went RX and more people got deeper into the 13 minutes than last year, and for the most part most most people weren’t wrecked for 2 weeks. This was probably the easiest as far as being not technical, but the hardest for many. It is just a lot of volume in 13 minutes. I will tell you this, I did not do the Open last year and missed it a ton. This year I got to do this workout and I was scared to death for this one, but it was great going through the trenches with you all.

17.5 – “Ain’t nobody got time to watch somebody do 40 minutes of DUBS!” This workout for some was short and sweet, and for some it was probably the longest 40 minutes of their lives and if it wasn’t I know it was for their judge. I for one hope to never have to count a double under again, haha… Again, this workout saw a few firsts. A few people got their double unders even if they were done one at a time. Some strung together those for the first time and that was awesome. Some jumped rope over 700 reps.. This was one workout that you either have it or you don’t and if you don’t, I know lit a fire to get those dang Dubs.

In closing, the 2017 CrossFit Open at CrossFit Dexter was absolutely electric. The Intramural Open changed the whole dynamic and brought the community closer together. I talked with many that said they became close with people that they didn’t even really know. The captains did an amazing job and just made the whole experience awesome. TNT came back from depths and managed to pull out a huge win in the end. Southeast Michigan got to know so many of you from all the burpees that were being done to support the teams. I never laughed so much in my life watching videos. You all are so creative. Then the costume party came around and even though I thought for sure my T-Rex would win, those Broken B#$%^es wouldn’t be denied and killed it with the Saturday Night Live Theme. Stop Drop and Squat were amazing at being there for all the events and we were strong with the check-ins. Beka and the girls spent so much time decorating the gym turning it blue. People from around town were wondering what the heck was going on according to a couple of business owners that I talked with. Bottom line is the Open brought people together for some fun and fitness, gave us some insight into where we are at with our fitness, and basically gave us a map for where we need to improve. It took people out their comfort zones and it pushed people to their limits that many didn’t even know they had. The Open does this and that is why I love it, and that is why I wanted all of you to do it. I see it everyday even if you don’t. What is it that I am talking about?? I see your strengths and your determination. I believe in all of you and what you can accomplish.

Cheers to an awesome year of new goals and growth. Set some goals and crush them.

Until Next Time,

Coach Hutch