Meet a Member Monday

Meet Dan Walters….he started CrossFit in November of 2012.  As if you can’t tell from his photo, Dan likes to keep us all laughing (don’t worry, that isn’t his typical workout gear, ha!)

What do you remember about your first workout? “It was baseline and I finished in 8 minutes.  I told myself that was the time I wanted to beat if I stuck with CrossFit — oh, and I was sore for a WEEK!”  Well, Dan…I think it’s time to give that baseline workout a try again!

What are your favorite movements? “Ab mats, push-ups, dead lifts, wall balls and ball slams”

Advice for new members? “Always stick with it, don’t be afraid..everybody is here to encourage.  Not one person is better than the next, remember that.”  We can always count on Dan for support and encouragement! He also just won the “spirit” award for our Intramural Open — you lift us up more than you know, Dan!

What keeps you coming back to CrossFit Dexter? “The comradery {the spirit of friendship and community in a group}, staying healthy, working to improve myself everyday.  The best part is that nobody judges anybody here, we all support each other and I love that the most.”

THANK YOU DAN for cracking us up, encouraging us, welcoming new members and for being such a stand-up guy!  We are so happy to have you around CrossFit Dexter, you make it so much fun!