Meet a Member Monday…

Meet a Member Monday……

Meet Amy Perry…she started CrossFit in April of 2014.  What Amy remembers most about her first workout is how nervous she was.  We ALL feel nervous, intimidated and maybe even hesitant!  After that first day, Amy still remembers, Dave Vera, another CFD member, was at her first workout and made her feel so welcome. This is just part of what makes our CrossFit community so awesome.  The way the members support and encourage each other is truly unique!

Her favorite movements are: tabatas, wall balls, ball slams, back squats/front squats and pistols. Amy has come a long way since 2014, getting stronger and pushing herself everyday.  She also just recently PR’d her back squat at 125 lbs.  It’s a joy to watch!  Oh and Amy…..we don’t think you are crazy for loving wall balls…well, maybe just a little! 🙂

What is Amy’s advice for new members?  “Stick with it.  Don’t get discouraged and be patient.  Listen to your body and scale the workouts when needed.  You’ll get more out of an hour class than any you can imagine! CROSSFIT IS FOR EVERYONE!  You will be happy you stuck it out.”

What keeps Amy coming back to CrossFit Dexter?  “The variety of workouts and everyday is a surprise.  I just have to show up and the workout is on the board.  It takes me out of my comfort zone.  The coaches push me and they are the best part!  They are a huge part of why I keep coming back.  Thanks to CrossFit I am stronger now than I ever have been and I feel great.  Thanks!!”

Thank you Amy, for letting the outside world into your CrossFit Dexter life!  We can take a lot of what you’ve shared and apply it to our own lives.  It can be scary and intimidating to try something new.  But when we put ourselves outside of our comfort zone, amazing changes take place; we do things we never thought possible, we become happier, healthier and stronger. We make new friends and we find a support systems that never quits!  2017 is going to be an amazing year for Amy and we are so glad to be a part of it!!