Meet a Member Monday

Meet a Member Monday……

Meet Matt Alter…he started CrossFit in September of 2014.  Matt remembers doing CF Exercise for his first workout.  He mostly remembers how “simple” and “quick” it seemed when he did it and then how sore he felt the next day!  We can count on the “simple” workouts creeping up on us, can’t we?!

Matt likes the complex movements that require thought and nuance in the technique.  His favorite movements are: snatch, squat clean, pull-ups and muscle ups.

We can always count on Matt to offer help around the box.  Not only is he encouraging to the members, but he (and his wife, Beka) have taken time out of their personal lives to help CrossFit Dexter become what it is today and we couldn’t be more grateful!  He advises new members at CFD: “ Take your time, be patient, concentrate on form, don’t worry – you’ll eventually get fast and strong, stick with it and enjoy the results.”  

What keeps Matt coming back to CrossFit Dexter?  “Community, constantly new and varied workouts and the feeling of accomplishment.”  Matt, thank you for all you do for CrossFit Dexter…your dedication to CrossFit and genuine desire to help us be the best we can be is ALWAYS appreciated!