Meet a Member Monday

Meet a Member Monday……

Meet Beka Alter…she started CrossFit in March of 2015. Beka’s first CrossFit workout was 30-20-20-30 for WARM-UP and she remembers her quads had already started cramping up in the first 30 squats!  She also can remember having trouble sitting for the next couple of days after that workout…I think we’ve all felt your pain, Beka!

Her favorite movements are rowing, dead lifts and farmer carries.  Beka is a strong, mom of two beautiful girls, Lexi and Kelsey.  She did CrossFit throughout her entire pregnancy with Kelsey.  To be specific, her last WOD was on a Saturday and Kelsey was born that following Monday! Beka advises new members at CFD: “Start CrossFit! It doesn’t matter what kind of shape you are in – just start moving and keep going.  It will make you feel SO much better. Also, make it a priority.  Don’t go too hard too fast, and be patient.  Results will definitely come.”

What keeps Beka coming back to CrossFit Dexter?  “Hanging out with friends, it makes me feel better (healthier & happier), it’s fun, challenging and I like being able to have a competitive outlet.”  Thank you, Beka for being such a bright light and wonderful role model at CrossFit Dexter!