Dan and Robin Witte started their CrossFit journey two years ago.  These two are the definition of inspiration.  You will find Dan and Robin (and their kiddos, Riley and Ryan) at the gym almost everyday.  Not only do they continue to push towards their own goals, they encourage and cheer on all of the athletes at CrossFit Dexter.  We appreciate their (always) positive attitude and smiling faces, it is contagious!  Thank you for being part of CrossFit Dexter.  We enjoy watching you grow and can’t wait to see what 2017 has in store for you!          

What motivates you on the toughest day?

Robin: my kiddos — I want them to see what good health and hard work looks like.  I want to a positive role model for them.  Also, I never stuck with anything (diet or exercise) before CrossFit.  I gave up on myself so many time and I don’t want to go back there.  I want to know what not giving up feels like.  There are so many people at CFD that believe in me and motivate me…they make me believe in myself.

Dan: not wanting to go back to where I was. The fact that we do this as a family and that I’m showing my kids what hard work can do.

Amazing Transformation